Kelly Slater is Like a Fine Wine

Once again, Kelly Slater has proven that he is the best surfer to walk the planet. At 39-years-old, the 10X world champ has just receiving his third Quiksilver Pro title. While most surfers his age are enjoying retirement, Kelly shows no sign of stopping, and is like a fine wine that gets better with time.

The Quiksilver Pro hosts the top 36 surfers in the world, all competing for that 1st place victory and a $50,000 bag of cash. It’s an unreal feeling to be meters away from your favourite riders during the competition, or to be in the water with them later that day. Surfing is one of few sports with such close interaction between fans and athletes.

Slater, who is sponsored by Quiksilver, is often seen wearing their ‘Diamond Dobby’ boardies. On the outside, the fabric looks the same as any other, but it’s what’s on the inner side that makes the difference. Tiny diamond shapes are embossed into the short (see above image), lifting the short off the skin to prevent chaffing and decrease drying time.

You really have to try a pair of the Diamond Dobbies on to feel the difference. They may not give you the same magical powers that they seem to give Kelly, but I can personally testify that they’re one of the most comfortable styles out there.

Your Man ‘Down Unda’

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Styles vary by location.