Get Your Dose of Aquabumps!

Whether you live in the prairies, the mountains, or by the sea, photographer Eugene Tan brings the beauty of beach culture right to your computer. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, ‘Euge’ (as the locals call him) photographs waves, surfing contests, and other ocean activities. He can be found in the water most mornings, capturing sunrise surf sessions. Check out Euge’s website ( or his facebook page, and prepare to be blown away by his photos and the stories behind them.

Plenty of photographers produce eye-catching images of their surroundings, but Euge’s photos are one-of-kind because even on those flat, gloomy days in the surf, he finds beauty in the simple things; a lone surfer, a single shell, or a crumbly shore-break.

Blogs and social media pages from around the world are a great way to take a virtual vacation from your usual surroundings, and connect with people across the globe. For example, Aquabumps has over 20,000 subscribers via email and over 17,000 followers on facebook who view Euge’s images daily.

If you have a favourite blog or website that allows you to “escape” to other areas of world, send me the link, and I’ll share it.

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