5 Surfers Hit the Road in a Sweaty Van

I just had one of the best weeks of my life! Some friends and I drove north from Sydney, Australia, to arrive at beautiful Byron Bay in New South Wales.  10 hours, 9 surfboards, 5 guys, and zero air-conditioning – true road trip comfort!

At Byron, we were greeted with +35°C weather, +25°C water, and cold beer. If I had to pick only one place to visit in Australia, this would be it. Byron is the most easterly point in Australia, where a beautiful lighthouse glows year-round to ensure safe passage for ships. In the bay where the city is located, the beach runs as far as the eye can see and dolphins fill the water, playing in the surf along with everyone else.

While surfing, I came across some of the Quiksilver team, just annihilating the waves! Camera crews were out and these guys didn’t hold back. I found myself beside Quiksilver’s Ry Craike, and to watch a surfer of this calibre from 10 feet away is humbling.

During our stay we were lucky enough to be put up by the crew at Backpackers Inn, who provided us with a great experience. Check out more photos from our trip, and see the beauty of Byron Bay on Swimco’s facebook page.

If you’re travelling through Australia, spending some time in Byron Bay is a must. You will leave a happy person… or maybe never leave at all.  The thought definitely crossed my mind.

Your Man ‘Down Unda’,

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