Phantom (of the Opera) Walkshorts!

I hit the town this week in my new Hurley Phantom walkshorts and a pair Saxx underwear.  Don’t worry, I wore other clothes too, but for the blog’s sake let’s focus on the shorts region!

In Sydney, the Harbour showcases the city’s true beauty. The Harbour Bridge, stunning cruise ships, and the Sydney Opera House are all amongst the amazing photo opportunities. The Opera House is a masterpiece unlike any other in the world of architecture, astonishing more than 7 million visitors annually. You don’t realize how massive the Harbour Bridge is until you are beneath it. It’s the fifth longest-spanning arch bridge and the widest steal-spanning bridge in the world. The best view of the city is from the top of this bridge.

During my walk, I couldn’t help but notice how lightweight my short & underwear combo was (yes I do think about this kind of stuff, all part of the job). Saxx has made huge innovations in men’s underwear, and will be available at Swimco very soon. They have a mesh pouch to keep ‘the boys’ away from your body and to allow for ventilation. For diagrams on how this all works, visit

Layered on top of my Saxx, I had Hurley’s Phantom walkshorts, made of the exact same fabric as their boardies, but the cut is shorter and all the amenities of a walkshort are present. Zip-up fly, three pockets, and belt loops. The great thing about these walkshorts is that they can double as a boardshort, and have no problem in the water. Perfect for when you’re in and out of the water doing multiple activities!

I am about to head North, on a week-long road trip in search of empty waves, white beaches, and stories about swimwear and the culture that surrounds it, to share with you.

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