Frosty Palm Springs?

I promised I would let you know how my “futurist” meetings in Palm Springs went last week. All but two of our Women Presidents’ Organization members were able to fly out of our respective cities (we were missing our Chicago and New York gals due to the horrific storms in the East).

Kirsten, our wonderful WPO travel organizer, chose the lovely, eclectic hotel Le Parker Meridien for us to call home. One of the mandates for selecting hotels for our group is that it has to have a nice spa. Obviously we have our priorities straight! The Parker has a world-renowned spa, oddly named PSYC for Palm Springs Yacht Club (a yacht club in the desert?). Here’s a tip for other spa owners….start off the service by offering your client a shot of vodka to loosen them up! Yow.

All of the ladies were looking forward to escaping the snow, which we did, but it was oddly cold in Palm Springs. When I landed, it was only 7 ºC; the same temperature as it was in Calgary. However, the blooming desert flowers and the palm trees were a magnificent change from snow-covered evergreens.

Nancy, our Futurist Guide, led us through a day of looking outside into the world for indicators of business-altering events. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day “doing”, that indicators of future changes get missed. Nancy implored us to take off our blinders and look around. Be aware of what’s going on, not only in our immediate market place, but around the world. We’re all connected.

Reading the newspaper has now become much more meaningful, as I scour the news for clues as to what might happen. The challenge is to “steer the ship” where the resulting opportunities could be. Good fun! (And I mean that).

Back at home, I’m still wearing my winter duds and craving the warmth of the sun. The weekend forecast is for above zero temps, so I’ll get outside for some much-needed sun, if only on my face!

Now it’s your turn to head south. Hopefully you’ll report back with tales of heat, swimsuits, and warm waters….aaah.

Ps. To see out more pictures from Palm Springs, check out Swimco’s facebook page at

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