A Bacon Family Vacation

As Canadians, we love our country, but there comes a time when we just can’t handle the 8-hour days, commuting to work in a blizzard, or frozen car batteries any longer. Families head south to a haven where worries of black ice and frostbite turn into joys of margaritas on ice and frosty beer.

Last year our family took a trip to Cabo, San Lucas, where everything was perfect until our surf-loving egos got the best of us, while searching for that perfect wave. With the boards strapped to the roof, we drove down a dirt road to a deserted beach. A ‘wimpy’ little sand dune was the only thing between us and glory… and the sand dune won.

After our wheels sunk into the sand, we briefly enjoying the seascape and then spent the better part of an hour digging the car out.  Upon returning to our place, we enjoyed a cool Corona in the pool, while looking back on the incident with a laugh. That’s the best part about family adventures; those stories and pictures always make you smile later in life.

While you’re looking back on your family vacation photos, hopefully you notice how stylin’ you are in your swimwear. If it’s time for an update in the “Vacation Wardrobe” department, we’d be happy to help.

For those of you escaping the cold during Spring Break, I hope you find that perfect beach, catch that giant fish, or enjoy that golf game you’ve been waiting for all winter. And if you have any of your own family adventure stories, do share.

Your Man ‘Down Unda’

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