Happy New Year from ‘Down Unda’!

During the festive season I took a short flight south to Melbourne and drove to a small beach town called Portsea, where I spent my first warm Christmas and New Years. During my trip I was able to surf, swim, fish, sail and even help out at the local Surf Life Saving Club.

These smaller coastal towns are extremely passionate about their Surf Life Saving Clubs; they are out everyday performing rescues, informing the public about water conditions and training in the field to keep themselves in peak physical condition. As we all know, lifeguards have an iconic “uniform” that they can be seen in at the beach…the red Speedo.  I was lucky enough to get one for a Christmas gift and try it out that morning in the ocean; to be honest I don’t think my thighs have seen that much sun since I was a baby in diapers at the beach!

The Speedo is over looked by many men in Canada and especially the younger generation, but since I tossed on that tiny suit I can see why the lifeguards wear them. They provide great support, are quick drying, and there is no limit to your movements. Yes, they are not for everyone, but even wearing them under your boardshorts or wetsuit gives you the added support and also combats against chaffing.

This past New Year’s weekend I was able to watch an event known as the Nutri-Grain IronMan tour, which had a stop in Portsea. The competitors are some of the fittest people I have ever seen. They battle the open ocean against one another in a swim, paddle board and surf ski challenge. Each IronMan could be found wearing a Speedo with their name on it, and these guys meant business. The event brought 5000 people to the beach and it was quite the sight to see these guys going up against 10-foot waves.

I would recommend the Speedo to any guy who wants ultimate mobility, good support and tanned thighs. With the Lycra, make sure to wash it with swimwear cleaner after use in chlorinated water, or it can slowly damage the fabric. Which brings me to my final point; squid ink stains swimwear badly (see picture).

Happy Holidays to everyone and hopefully you were able to pick up that perfect suit from Swimco for your Christmas vacation.

Brett Bacon

Swimcos’s Man Down Unda

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