All I Need is a Miracle(suit)!

I wasn’t sure how to start my blog this week. Things like “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”, or “It was fun while it lasted” or “I think my thighs are stronger bigger”, ran through my head.

Hmmm, typical January “yikes” moment as I realize that the effects of all those goodies by our office mailboxes, the extra glasses of wine, and the lovely turkey and fondue dinners didn’t magically disappear at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve! So, I vow to you that I will once again pick up my weights, ride my bike, splash up and down the pool lanes, and walk my puppy ‘til we both can’t take no more. Or maybe…

All I need is a Miracle! Miraclesuit, I mean.

We are celebrating the arrival of 2011 with a new collection of Miraclesuit styles in our stores. Exercise and a careful eating regiment will get you back to your former wonderfulness, but if you want an instant fix, I recommend the Miraclesuit. With three times more lycra than a regular swimsuit, it will make you look “10 Lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds”. Don’t believe me? Try one on!

And if you notice me in the fitting room with my own swack of Miraclesuits in hand, be sure to say “hi”. Maybe we can go for a glass of wine and some nibblies after our shopping is done. (I just slapped my hand for that)!

Yours truly in laughter, fun, and of course, swimwear.

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  • Patti Barr

    I agree too much good stuff over the holidays,it is time for a Miracle!!!

  • Sara

    Oh but patti, your cookies are so worth it for buying a miracle suit!! 🙂

  • Katrina Warren

    And your cake Patti! Had some yesterday and it was deeelicious!

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