G’day, from the Land Down Unda!

G’day! Currently, I find myself in Sydney, Australia where the city eats, sleeps and breathes swimwear.  At the world famous Bondi Beach I will be testing out new styles of men’s swimwear and street wear, as well as observing the numerous styles of those around me.  For those who want a comfy pair of walk shorts for a holiday or for sport enthusiasts who want to put some boardies to the test, I’ll be examining what works best in every situation.

I’d love to hear from you as well! Tell me about your experience with product you have purchased from Swimco and how it has performed wherever you have used it. This feedback will enable us to have the perfect product line for all men shopping at Swimco.

As for me… back to my ocean side “office” where I will be putting in the “man hours” to attain results and maybe pick up a tan along the way.

Your Man Down Unda,

Brett Bacon

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  • Patti Barr

    Did you need a helper???

Styles vary by location.