Show Your Swimco!

Have you heard about our campaign to collect photos of our customers in action with their Swimco collectable bags?  It’s a fun way to show the beautiful places you’ve traveled to, or share pictures of fun times with your family and friends.  And you could win a $250 Swimco Shopping Spree!

Back in August (when it was still warm), my family and I took a Swimco bag out on the lake to get some action shots. The best thing was that it required me to bring along the camera for once. I often neglect to take photos of our family together, and as time goes by it gets harder and harder to get everyone together. Not only did we do some fun poses for the Swimco website (those are my sons Brett and Derek workin’ it for the camera in the above photos!), but we also got a bunch of great shots to pin up on the “photo wall” at our cabin.

So please take some photos with your Swimco collectable bag, and upload them at You can vote on your favourite photo submissions at

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your Swimco bag in action

Ps. You can pick up a Swimco collectable bag at any of our store locations for $2. Proceeds go to Look Good Feel Better.

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  • Darcie

    Hi Lori,
    How do people proceed with voting for the pictures?
    when they log onto the page there isn’t anything saying where to vote, it just shows the pictures????
    thank you in advance.

    • Lori

      Hi Darcie. Once you click on the photo you’d like to vote for, there will be an option on the left-hand side of the screen to “Like” the photo. You must be a member of facebook to like (vote for) the photo. Let me know if that answers your question

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