Looking Good and Feeling Better

Each year we select a worthy cause to support through sales of our collectable shopping bags. This year we are putting our support behind the Look Good Feel Better program, operated by the Canadian Cancer Society. Last week I had the privilege of attending a Look Good Feel Better workshop as a guest, so I could witness first-hand how our donation dollars are being put to work.

The workshop helps women look and feel better about themselves as they go through cancer treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy ravage the body; often resulting in hair loss, skin changes, and dark under-eye circles, not to mention the patient feeling like hell.

The 2-hour program is free for participants, with each person receiving over $300 worth of makeup donated by leading brands. The seminar is conducted by a host of compassionate volunteers (see photo), starting with instruction on skin care and how to apply makeup, followed by a discussion on hair alternatives. The “Hair Lady” discusses what it will be like to lose your hair, how long you will be without, and how to choose and care for a wig.

Although the circumstance of everyone’s attendance is tough, the seminar was a fun experience for all. There were lots of laughs (“never leave home without your eyebrows!”) and a great sense of camaraderie. The transformation of the women was astonishing, and their self confidence visibly soared. The room grew progressively bubblier as 12 women temporarily stopped thinking of themselves as cancer patients and just enjoyed looking good, and as a result left feeling better. The participants weren’t the only ones feeling good.  I felt proud to be affiliated with such an outstanding program that touches the lives of so many women.

Gotta go check my eyebrows!

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  • https://www.swimco.com Lori

    Thanks to Chantal for the clarification in her letter below. The CCTFA is doing a great job and is certainly most generous! L

    Hi Lori. My name is Chantal and I am with Look Good Feel Better head office. I had a chance to read your recent blog entry about your visit to a Look Good Feel Better workshop and have to say that you beautifully captured the essence of a workshop experience – it really is like a makeover for the spirit! I am so happy you were able to attend and witness the ladies’ transformations firsthand. I wanted to send a quick note to clarify one thing that you mentioned in your blog: though the Canadian Cancer Society is one of more than 100 cancer care facilities that host our workshops across Canada, Look Good Feel Better is a program of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA) Foundation. The members of the CCTFA are among the generous donors who provide those amazing kits the ladies receive at the workshops.

    Many thanks to you, Lori, for your support of Look Good Feel Better. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions.

    Be well,

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