Droopy Drawers

This morning I inadvertently became a member of the Droopy Drawers (DD) Club. Perhaps you’ve seen some members around the pool?  Their numbers are unfortunately plentiful and often unbeknownst to them, they leave behind a series of shocked looks and mothers covering their children’s eyes.

Let me explain. I hurt my foot eight weeks ago, and have since found it increasingly difficult to go for my usual runs. Even “doggie walks” with my Maggie are too painful. So to ward off unwanted pounds and keep my muscles strong while I recover, I decided to take up swimming again.  I swam competitively in my youth, and briefly returned to the pool as a Masters swimmer when my boys were small, so I knew I’d eventually be back!

As the proud owner of a wonderful swimwear chain, I have quite a few (that’s an understatement) swimsuits in my drawer, but today I picked an old favourite that’s made for fitness swimming. I left the house feeling proud of myself for taking such initiative.

After 80 lengths, I hauled myself onto the pool deck (none too gracefully, as I was weakened by all the trashing about), only to find that my suit was loose.  No…. it was huge.  Actually it was … barely there!  Ol’ Faithful must have suffered a silent death in my swimsuit drawer sometime within the past 5 years! As I cowered under my towel, it dawned on me that I had become one of those people. People who are unconsciously “mooning” the other swimmers, through a deteriorating swimsuit. I was suffering from “DD”. And I really don’t want to be a member of that club!

So tomorrow I will get properly outfitted with a lovely new suit from our aquatic fitness selection.  And the next time I’m on the pool deck, I hope people will be admiring my swimsuit instead of whispering about my droopy drawers.

Checking out of the DD Club,

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  • Erikka

    I can’t tell you how many members are part of that DD club at the YMCA I go to! =)

    Aquafit classes rehabilitated my ankle after I injured it. But because you are a runner at heart =) deep water running is a great ultra low impact way to re-strengthen your foot. At UBC the running team does deep water running 2x per week so the training is not so hard on their joints. Water running is great because it is so relaxing – I love it!

    Hope your foot heals fast so Maggie can go for more walks!

    • https://www.swimco.com Lori

      Thanks Erikka!

  • Jennifer

    Thank godness I dont recognize that suit?!!! Had a visit to W 4th and Metrotown today – stores look great – Roxy looks fantastic!!

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