It’s All About the Stretch

I’ve got good news for the guys!  Men’s boardshort designers have outdone themselves this year with innovative stretch fabrics. They are incredibly lightweight, which means they dry fast and keep you cool.  But the best part is the 4-way stretch!  It takes comfortable boardshorts to a whole new level, as demonstrated by my husband Dave wearing his O’Neill “Hyperfreaks” in the above photo.  Anyone who tries on our 4-way stretch boardshorts has the same reaction: “Wow, these are soooo comfy!”

Although women’s boardshort designers were slower to jump on the stretch innovation, they are now cluing in that us girls want ultra-comfy boardshorts too!  Amy, our ladies boardshort Buyer, recommends the “Gidget” style by Roxy.  The roll-down, “easy fit” waist is stretchy, so we can avoid the dreaded “muffin top” caused by shorts that don’t stretch and cut into our sides.  We’ll be carrying even more styles of stretchy boardshorts for women in the coming months…

In the meantime, remember to stretch every day!

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  • Lisa

    My husband loves his stretch boardshorts too! He wears his Hurley Phantom boardshorts even to the gym to work out!

    • Lori

      Hi Lisa, keep your eyes peeled for more info in November about all the new mens boardshorts in stretch. My brother, Steve, who is the menswear Buyer says the suppliers are offering him even more options for 2011. Lucky guys! L

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