Enough is Enough!

I really don’t like complaining, but I really need to vent. Our weather in Calgary this year sucks is atrocious! It’s so bad that my eldest son is moving to Australia. I want to go too but I’m not as footloose and fancy free (or smart!) as him.

Since the supposed start of Spring in April, I have vowed to remain positive about living in Calgary and not focus on the reverse global warming that seems to be happening here. Winter carried on well into June, and although it subsided a bit through the so-called “Summer months”, it’s been lingering in the air again since early September. We enjoyed some lovely January Vancouver weather yesterday in Calgary. Normally not hard to handle when it actually is January and we’re actually in Vancouver, escaping Calgary’s -30 degree temps.  But this is September for crying out loud!

OK, deep breath. I realize I won’t survive Winter without a blast or two of hot weather, so I’ve started planning a trip. Anywhere south. I really don’t care where, just give me over 20 degrees and bright sunshine. A person can only survive on gallons of hot chocolate, scads of Vitamin D (can you overdose?), and fake tanner for so long. Enough is enough. I’m leaving. Sometime, somewhere… soon!

Thanks for listening to my chilly weather induced rant. What are your Winter travel plans?

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