Morning Swim

It’s another hot day at the lake, so rather than my usual walk or run, I decided to hit the water. It was calm and clear, albeit cold. So I pulled on my wetsuit (which was somewhat of a feat in itself!), my swim cap, and my beloved Aquasphere goggles before wading in. Even with the wetsuit on for extra warmth, I broke the silence of the morning with a few spontaneous gasps, as the “refreshing” water trickled in! Once I got used to it, the water was glorious. Back and forth between our dock and the end of the beach for 30 minutes had my swimming muscles wide awake.  Ah, the beautiful lakes of British Columbia!

Although I digress, the main point of this story is actually my Aquasphere goggles. If you’ve ever had ill-fitting goggles that leak, you understand how you can get very attached (pardon the pun) to the ones that fit.  Well, these Aquasphere goggles seem to fit everyone! They’re like a mini mask, and are very pliable so they easily conform to your face. I highly recommend them. We always keep a pair in the boat in case some poor soul has to swim under the boat to remove the ski rope from the prop….but that’s a story for another day!

I hope you’re enjoying all of your summertime activities, wherever you are.

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  • Lisa

    Hi Lori! What a great picture! It makes me want to jump into a lake and go for a swim right now. Enjoy your summer. : )

  • Dean

    I just begun my adult swim classes and on the first night I didn’t wear any goggles. Within 45 minutes my eyes were a wreck and I had to do the back flutter kick until the class was over. My eyes are still killing me. What would you recommend for swim goggles / newbies.

    btw… great company, glad to see you’re based in Calgary.

    : D

    • Lori

      Hi Dean, you will love what a good fitting pair of goggles will do to enhance the enjoyment of your swims. Trying to swim without goggles is not an option (and far too painful) as far as I’m concerned! I am partial to the Aquasphere Vista goggle (retail $50.00) because it is so comfortable and easy to wear. Although it is one of the more expensive styles it is well worth it because of the exceptional fit.

      Of course, goggles must fit your face properly so the Aquasphere Vista might not necessarily work for you, but it’s one of our most popular. If you come in and talk to any of our Fit Experts, they’ll be able to find you the perfect pair. You’ll love being able to see clearly in the water and afterwards. Hope this helps!


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