2011 Swimwear Trend Report

While at the Miami Swim Show last month, we saw several exciting new swimwear trends emerging for 2011.  As promised, I’ve put together a sneak preview of what’s hot, for my blog readers:

Trend #1: Flirty Ruffles.

We’re seeing ruffles at the neckline, down the middle of a 1-piece (to disguise the tummy), and along the bottom of tankini tops. The ruffle trend was introduced this past year with a great reaction from our customers, so we’re happy to be able to offer even more ruffle styles for the coming year!

Trend #2: The Single-Shoulder 1-Piece.

There were a couple of false starts with this trend, because of design flaws that caused unexpected “flashing” when you raise your arm to wave. “Yoo-hoo! Oops!”. Without boning on the side of the suit or adequate length in the torso, single-shoulder suits can spell disaster for the unsuspecting fashionista! Thankfully, most designers are now providing the necessary construction in the suits to make them functional as well as stylish, so you can skip the surprise peep show!

On Its Way Out…

One style that’s cooling off is the cutout 1-piece. Designers are moving on to the single-shoulder style, with its 1980’s influence, instead. 1-piece cutouts are often labeled by magazine editors as “The Sexy Suit”.  However, cutouts are notoriously difficult to fit unless your torso length is perfect for the suit. Of course the style looks great on supermodels, but if you have any extra padding in the middle, it usually squeezes out the sides of the suit and becomes framed by the lines of the cutouts. Not good! Perhaps the single-shoulder 1-piece will be a more flattering way for our trend-setting customers to show off their fashion acumen.

I’ll have more of 2011’s hottest swimwear trends to report next week.  Stay tuned!

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Styles vary by location.