4 Days in the Life of a Swimwear Buyer

I just got back from the Miami Swim Show held each year at this time in South Beach. There were five of us from Swimco in attendance – three Buyers, our Sales Manager, and me. This annual show is our only opportunity to see all of the major swim lines at once for the coming year. There are hundreds of product lines and thousands of swimwear Buyers from around the world!

For four days we walk the floor, see presentations, write copious notes, and take hundreds of photos so we can remember all of the product we’ve seen. It’s a lot to absorb in a short time! By the end of the four days we feel pretty much “done in”. The challenge is to stay sharp the entire time so nothing is missed. Our business for the upcoming year is greatly affected by the impressions and decisions made at this show.

Despite the fact that our schedule is hectic, I always enjoy the Miami Swim Show. It’s exciting to see new styles and brands, meet new people in the industry, and visit with our supplier friends. We even managed to fit in a visit to the world-renowned Mr. Chow restaurant in South Beach’s new W Hotel.  The green prawns were actually green and very delicious! We also stumbled upon a live performance by the band Neon Trees and later caught glimpses of ourselves in their YouTube video.

Pictured above is part of our Swimco team with our Australian and Canadian friends from Seafolly. In my next blog, I’ll give you a sneak peak of some of the hottest 2011 swimwear trends that made waves at the Miami Swim Show!

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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