Can We Talk?

This week we launched our new “swimwear shopping made easy” ad campaign, including a new radio commercial. Writing radio ads for a product that is as visual and personal as swimwear can be challenging. Recently we have taken a more humorous approach (because if you can’t laugh you might cry!).

We debated amongst ourselves, our families and our friends as to whether we could poke fun at ourselves as women and if so, do we dare use the term “muffin top”?

So I ask you….what do you think? Can we laugh together about our body issues and our phobias or would you prefer not to?  You can listen to our new radio ad by clicking this link: New Radio Ad

How are you feeling this week?

As I adjust my “muffin top” I look forward to hearing from you…

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  • Patti Barr

    If we can’t talk,laugh and cry with our girlfriends about our “issues” who can we talk too!!Nothing better that a good giggle among friends!!!

    • Lori

      Thanks for your note Patti. I like your attitude!

  • Rosa Meyer

    I love it! You’ve captured perfectly the struggle between us women with our crazy body-issues and our well-meaning significant others who can never manage to say just the right thing to put us at ease. It’s time we all learn to take things like this less seriously.

    • Lori

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rosa. It’s liberating to be able to laugh together!

  • Dan O’Day

    Certainly you can succeed by reflecting the real emotional issues your customers face.

    One thing that would strengthen this commercial: Paint mental pictures of the results being enjoyed by the happy Swimco customer.

    The pictures you paint are what the listener will remember. In this radio commercial, the only pictures painted are that of the lunkhead husband inadvertently insulting his wife. That may in fact be very relatable, but “husband inadvertently making wife self-conscious about her body” is not the ultimate result you want to sell.

    • Lori

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  • GregP507

    I love it when nice people succeed.

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