Beware Magazine Swimsuit Advice!

Every year at this time, fashion magazines publish articles promising to reveal “The perfect Swimsuit for your shape! or “A swimsuit that takes off 10 lbs!” Invariably, I am disappointed with the article. The advice is often incorrect, and I find myself hoping that the readers are not taking these solutions as fact.

I realize that the editors are doing their best, but they don’t live and breathe swimwear 365 days of the year like we do at Swimco. They are on tight deadlines and have to rely on advice from multiple sources. They are often besieged by press-seeking swimwear manufacturers who in many cases suggest styles that are either not matched to the model’s body type or are frankly, just plain bad.

In the latest issue of O Magazine, their Creative Director (Adam Glassman) offers swimwear suggestions for different body shapes. Although the premise for the article was good, I questioned the suits that were presented as flattering to women’s figures. I can honestly say that four of the six suits shown as solutions would be difficult for us to sell (even on clearance)!

The capper for me was “Adam’s 10 Swimsuit Commandments” in which his # 1 commandment was “THOU SHALT NOT BUY A TANKINI”. Them’s fightin’ words to me, as I am Miss Tankini. Adam (a guy) tells me (a woman) that I “won’t get real belly coverage and the top hits at a bad spot”. Adam is obviously unaware that the old “meet ‘n’ greet” style of tankini was replaced three years ago! The new longer tankinis are often gathered on the side to offer adjustable length (hip length or longer) and to provide flattering shirring across the tummy. Believe you me, my tummy is covered!

So reader beware! Just because a “fashion expert” writes something doesn’t make it gospel. Better to go in and talk to a swimwear Fit Expert who fits women of all body types everyday.  Here are a few tried and true suggestions from our Fit Experts at Swimco:

* My apologies to Adam for disagreeing with some of his advice. I did agree with two of his style choices and five of his swimsuit commandments. It goes to show that fashion is a matter of personal taste. Choose the swimsuit that makes you look and feel your best. In my experience, it probably won’t be the one the fashion editor suggests in that article you’re reading!

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  • Adela


    I love this post! I think this one is by far my favourite!! Every single time I pick up a fashion magazine during swimsuit season, I too, am disappointed.

    Thanks Lori for debunking this magazine myth 🙂

    • Lori

      Thanks for your message Adela! Hope you’re enjoying the Summer 🙂

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