Calling All Amateur Bag Designers!

To me, a beach bag is like the LBD (Little Black Dress).  Once you find the perfect one, you feel great wearing it all the time and keep it in your wardrobe for years.  I have to admit that in terms of beach bags, I haven’t found “the one”. I have many in my collection, but something is invariably missing that would make it my perfect beach bag.

I find myself tossing towels, books, sunscreen, money, room keys, sunglasses, and whatever items my family wants me to carry for them, into one big heap in my beach bag.  As a result, retrieving my lip gloss becomes a “needle in the haystack” challenge, and my wet towel after a day at the beach puts a “damper” on everything else in the bag!

What I really want is a beach bag with different compartments to keep me organized, and a waterproof section for a wet swimsuit or towel. I want it to double as a carry-on bag, and look fashionable with my beachwear and summer outfits.  I want it to close up securely on top so my belongings stay put.

Too much to ask for? I don’t think so! I’m determined to find or design the perfect beach bag, and I would love your help. Are there any amateur designers out there who’d like to offer their creativity? Anyone like to add to the list of attributes of the perfect bag? Do you have a beach bag that you love? I want to hear from you!

Please send me your pictures and ideas, and let’s create the perfect beach bag together.  Maybe we’ll even name the bag after you!  “The Jessica Bag”, or “The Amy Bag”, or whatever the name of our yet-to-be-discovered bag designer might be.

Looking forward to hearing from all you beach bag aficionados!

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  • Maggie Ewles

    Your list is pretty thorough so far!

    The only thing I would add, is that my perfect beach bag needs to have at least 6 quickee see-through, waterproof, zippered compartments for my wallet, phone, ipod, book, keys and red bull. I wonder if they could create a mini cooler type compartment for my makeup, so it doesn’t melt?

    If you find a bag with all of these attributes, let me know PLEASE!



    • Lori

      Great feedback Maggie. We’ll add this to the “wish list”. Lori

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