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Calling All Amateur Bag Designers!

To me, a beach bag is like the LBD (Little Black Dress). Once you find the perfect one, you feel great wearing it all the time and keep it in your wardrobe for years. I have to admit that in terms of beach bags, I haven’t found “the one”. I have many in my collection, but something is invariably missing that would make it my perfect beach bag.

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Happy 35th Anniversary Swimco!

35 years ago today, Swimco was officially incorporated as a company by my mother, Corinne Forseth (in the above photo with me). She started the business because of the lack of availability of little black and gold striped suits for me and my brothers when we joined the South Y Barracudas swim team. For years, she acted as our team’s Equipment Manager and then, with some prompting, began a mail-order business in our basement, catering to swim clubs across the country.

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Terrifico Mexico!

Hola! Buenos Dias amigos. Although not exactly fluent in Spanish, I did pick up a few things in Mexico while on our family vacation last week. Not only some key phrases (margarita por favor, gracias, banyo?) but also some tips to pass on to fellow travelers.

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