“Buttoned-Up Sex Appeal” Returns!

Swimco has always had a great relationship with the Anne Cole line. For over 30 years our customers enjoyed the beautiful, innovative and figure-flattering styles. The namesake of the line, Anne Cole herself, had a successful design strategy: cover the parts that must be, or should be, covered and show off the rest! Anne Cole’s contemporary designs were innovative and often lead the way in the marketplace.

Then changes happened within the company; Anne Cole resigned from designing, the company changed hands several times, and the line suffered. After many years of decreasing presence in our stores, the line disappeared altogether.

Swimco Buyers were very disappointed, as were our many Anne Cole customers who had come to rely on the great fits, fabrics and styling of the line. Well, be sad no more! Anne Cole has been recently re-launched in the spirit of their previous success. Gary Silverman, Executive Vice President of Anne Cole refers to the 2010 line as “buttoned-up sex appeal”.

Swimco Buyers and Store Managers have reviewed the new Anne Cole samples and agree that there are some great pieces to offer our customers. We were pleased with the styling, fabric, color selection and the fits (we always try everything on ourselves before buying).

Fans, the famous “Marilyn” wrap halter tops (great for all cup sizes including DD) and the “Alex” tie side bottom have made a come-back! You can mix and match these with the ever-popular “Ginger” tankini top and the “Rock” skirted bottom. We’re also offering a few one-piece styles. All of us at Swimco are very excited about the new and improved Anne Cole line, and I’m eager to hear what you think of the styles.  Welcome back to our friend Anne!

Yours in “swim chat”,

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  • Brenda McEwan

    Hi Lori
    Why do not have older mature women model some of your swimsuits as well as the young ones?
    I am from the baby boomer era and considering we are huge slice of the population now I would think we would be targeted more. I also see that your business is focusing on the summer vacations abroad, well many boomers are retiring or have retired and have the time and money to travel much more.
    It is really difficult to get an idea of what a bathing costume looks like when I am looking at a 5’9″ slim 25yr something when I am 61 yrs old 5′ 3″ and have a fuller figure.
    Thank you

Styles vary by location.