Too Thin is Not In!

For many years we produced our own brochure to show all of our new swimwear styles. The project entailed hiring our own photographer, stylists and models for a photo shoot in Hawaii. As fun as a trip to Hawaii may sound, it was incredibly challenging to show styles that would appeal to all of our customers (all ages, all sizes), while keeping our suppliers happy with our representation of their products.

Swimco has been crusading for the portrayal of real women long before it became a popular discussion point. We would explain to the modeling agencies that we weren’t looking for eensy weensy. We needed some meat on those bones! Hard to believe, but it was really difficult to find regular-sized swimwear models.

Our goal remains the same to this day; to offer swimwear to women of all ages and sizes. Some of us are bigger, some of us are smaller, some are younger and some have been here longer! Regardless, healthy bodies should be the ultimate goal.

Here is a link to an interesting article about the slowly-changing trend in marketing women’s fashion: It’s refreshing (and frankly a relief) to witness this long overdue evolution in perspective.

Cheers to healthy bodies,

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