Swimsuit Malfunction!

Do you have a favorite swimsuit that you just can’t let go? I know I have several.  The ones I rely on and wear far more than any others. They’re just so comfy and flattering! Unfortunately there comes a time when we must say “good bye” to these faithful standbys. Here’s a funny story from a friend of mine who carried on her love affair with her swimsuit just a little too long. Has this ever happened to you?

I was snorkeling with my husband and a group of our friends in the bay of Santa Maria, looking at the beautiful fish in my “can’t let it go” 5-year-old black 1-piece swimsuit.  I wanted everyone to have a good viewing of the sea life, so thinking I was Jacques Cousteau, I stuffed the bra of my suit with bread.  As I brought out bits of bread to feed the fish, more and more came.  Some even nibbled the gold beads on my swimsuit.  Suddenly…I felt a snap.  At first I thought a fish had yanked too hard on one of the beads.  I looked down to witness the horror of my swimsuit, which used to fit me snuggly, now hanging below my body in the water and flowing with the current.  Our friends were getting a viewing alright – I had become the largest fish out there!  The elastic in my suit had let go all at once and was carelessly floating what seemed like a foot below my body. You could see EVERYTHING. I might as well have been skinny- dipping. Total embarrassment!

I wasn’t sure how to get out of the water without subjecting my friends to a full-on peep show.  When I came out of the water, my suit fit me more like a hanging gunny sack, with lots of gaping. Unfortunately my towel was over on the patio, so I had to fold my arms across my chest as I walked up to the house.  My suit drooped down to mid-thigh where it had once fit tightly around my legs.  Needless to say, we all had a good laugh.  Now that’s what I call truly getting to know your friends on vacation!

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