Super-Thighz Me

I was recently asked what style of swimsuit is best for larger-than-desired thighs. I understood exactly where this woman was coming from because thighs are my “issue” as well. Well, one of them at least!  Although I work out regularly and occasionally get down to my “game weight”, I still think my thighs look a lot like my Dad’s (thanks Dad).  As a result, I’ve become somewhat of a “thigh expert” on swimsuit styles that make me look and feel my best at the beach.

Fret not – there are several thigh-flattering swimwear styles on the market. My favorite is a pull-on skirt made of swimsuit fabric. I pair it with a tankini top and pull it over a higher-waisted swimsuit bottom. It sort of looks like a tennis skirt or a running skirt. Alternatively, there are all-in-one “swimshorts” which look like a pair of shorts but have a brief bottom on the inside so you can swim in them.

You don’t need to cover up your thighs if you don’t like the skirt or short idea. Choose a swimsuit that has more color or detailing near the top and a darker, solid bottom so that admiring eyes instantly travel up and away from the thigh area. Sarongs, skirts or boardshorts are also great for covering troublesome thighs on the way to and from the beach.

What I would not recommend is a boy-leg bottom. Those little lycra “bootie” shorts are fine on many body types, but can cut the thigh off across the widest part and give the illusion of larger legs.

The most important thing is to wear what you feel good in. And really, between you and me, once we get to the beach or pool and look around, those thighs of ours don’t look so bad! What were we worrying about?!

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Styles vary by location.