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Super-Thighz Me

I was recently asked what style of swimsuit is best for larger-than-desired thighs. I understood exactly where this woman was coming from because thighs are my “issue” as well. Well, one of them at least!  Although I work out regularly and occasionally get down to my “game weight”, I still think my thighs look a […]

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Too Thin is Not In!

For many years we produced our own brochure to show all of our new swimwear styles. The project entailed hiring our own photographer, stylists and models for a photo shoot in Hawaii. As fun as a trip to Hawaii may sound, it was incredibly challenging to show styles that would appeal to all of our […]

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Swimsuit Malfunction!

Do you have a favorite swimsuit that you just can’t let go? I know I have several.  The ones I rely on and wear far more than any others. They’re just so comfy and flattering! Unfortunately there comes a time when we must say “good bye” to these faithful standbys. Here’s a funny story from […]

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Knock, knock. Can I check your fit?

Recently a writer for Swerve Magazine, the weekly trends insert in the Calgary Herald, visited one of our Swimco stores.  She wanted to address the phobia that many women have of buying a new swimsuit, and share her experience with her readers. Luckily one of our trained Fit Experts was able to help her overcome […]

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