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This will be a great place to chat about swimwear, holidays, body types and swimwear fit solutions, swimwear phobias, trends, adventures in retail and much more. It will be fun! I’ll share some insights, experiences and tips and I hope you will share some of yours as well.

Lets start with something that’s on many people’s minds right now …how to hide  holiday excesses while wearing a swimsuit. Although I’m not going anywhere hot at the moment I had the occasion to put on a swimsuit over the holidays for a soak in the hot tub with my son and husband. I unearthed one of my (many!) swimsuits selecting a tankini style (tank top with bottom). I thought this would be suitable as my tummy would be covered so my fellow hot tubbers would not see the evidence of my over imbibing.

Unfortunately the top is what’s called an “apron” top which only has fabric in the front and not the back and is quite loose. I gracefully crawled in the hot tub only to find that the top floats, baring my midsection. Although neither my husband nor son said anything like “way to go chubbo” I think I heard them think it!

The next day I selected a different suit from my collection this time going for a 1 piece Anne Cole tank. My tummy would indeed be covered! But lo and behold the darn thing felt a little short in the body. Didn’t used to fit like this. Knowing that I have not grown any taller and that lycra does not shrink I had to face the fact that it’s time for … a new swimsuit!

Yes, I am exactly the same as all of you ladies out there. Trying to figure out how to Feel Good Half Naked. As you can see we’ll have lots to talk about! Welcome to the journey.

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  • Brett

    I look forward to reading your future posts!

  • http://www.tec-canada.ca Liam Christie

    Lori can you still do the 100 m free in under one minute with that blue inner tube in the picture?

  • Donna Morrison

    Lori, I love this blog!! What a great idea! Nothing I hate more than wearing a bathing suit at my age, which is something I never thought I would say!! Being a former bathing suit model, it never occured to me that one day I would look like my mother! When did that happen??? You do have a great staff and they are always so kind as I almost screem inside the dressing room! Honestly, I know after looking at my daughters in bathing suits, it’s shocking to look at myself. Good luck with everything and keep me posted. I will keep checking this as well.
    Donna xoxo

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