No Resolution Required

January is the month in which many of us make some resolutions for improvements or changes we want to make in our lives. More fitness, less food, lose weight, do more of this or less of that, etc. I know many of my friends think that they need to shape up before hitting the beach or the pool…and before hitting the Swimco fitting room! Not so.

I regularly receive commendations from friends and people I meet about the awesome experience that they had in our stores. I also receive emails from Swimco customers after their shopping experience. The usual theme is relief, appreciation for the awesome help they received in the store, and excitement about their new swim wardrobe (in which they look great)! Here is one of my favourite emails, sent by one of our customers to her friends:

Hello M and L,


Check out this cute little number that I got last night with a pair of optional swimming shorts. It looks better without me in it. For now!!


I went to Swimco and the manager looked after me.  She has found her calling! She was kind, fun and upbeat and demonstrated tremendous professional concern for how very uncomfortable I was with the process. I was there about one hour, gave myself over to her expertise, tried on about 20 suits and actually had a good time!! I even came away with a swimsuit that will help buoy (ha, ha) my courage.


If you are ready to take the proverbial plunge, give her a call. No pressure – just keep in mind that there is no time like the present to take charge of the future.


Your soon to be wet friend,



When I read letters like these, it reminds me that our purpose as a company is to make women feel confident in beautiful swimwear. If you’ve been to one of our stores lately, I’d love to hear your “Swimco Story”. Feel like including some fun photos from your vacation? Even better!

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