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Doorway To Your Getaway Giveaway Contest

Congratulations to our Doorway To Your Getaway Giveaway Winner!

Swimco customer, Sherri, was chosen as our winner from our Market Mall location! She won a $2500 travel voucher to use for her next adventure!

Contests Past Free Esta Friday swimco

Congratulations to our past Free-Esta Friday winners!

Friday’s just got a whole lot better! Every Friday a new winner chose a swimsuit of their choice from the monthly featured brand! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Show Your Swimco

Congratulations to our past Show Your Swimco winners!

To see all our past winners who’ve won their dream vacation wardrobe with a $250 Swimco shopping spree, please visit our Facebook Photo Album.

Swimco Video Contest 2014

Congratulations to the following winners of the Swimco Video Contest Summer 2014!

  • Winner of a $2500 Vacation: Caroline and the dancing twinkle toes!
  • Best ‘Feel good half naked’ video: Kelsey
  • Most brave video: Maddi
  • Funniest video: Marlene
  • Most inspirational video: Jody

To see these videos and all the other great entries please visit the Facebook contest page and click on View Entries.

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